Why Wooden Windows Will Benefit Your Property

You may be looking to update some Listed Building windows in a property. Perhaps you’re considering the options for replacing existing worn and leaking box sash windows. Whatever the scenario, you may be considering using wood instead of the PVCu windows that seem to be everywhere these days. And there are terrific advantages to opting for wood as a material for window frames. Here, we look at some of the top reasons why wood remains a great choice and in a lot of cases, is far superior to PVCu options.

Wooden Windows Benefit Your Property

The Exquisite Appearance

Let’s face it, unless you are able to spend a fortune on your new windows, the choices offered by uPVC are distinctly limited. What’s more, plastic or aluminium window frames just aren’t as attractive as wooden ones. If you want your home to stand out, you cannot beat wooden frames for their timeless appeal. They’re definitely eye catching and look just as good in brand new homes as they do in older architecture. There is plenty of choice too, from the type of wood to its decoration: wooden window frames can be painted, stained or carved to give them a look that’s distinctive to your property.

Wood’s Green Credentials

We’re all increasingly aware of our responsibilities to the environment. It’s widely acknowledged that whether you’re opting for wood casement windows or wooden window sash replacement, wood is by far more environmentally friendly than uPVC. Firstly, most wood comes from sustainable sources, meaning that it can be continuously replenished without negatively affecting the environment. Then, there’s the fact that far fewer chemicals are needed in wood processing than are used for uPVC manufacture. And that’s not to mention that fabricating a man-made material for windows uses around eight times more energy than it takes to make a wooden one. Lastly, wood is easily recyclable once your window frame’s life is complete, unlike PVC which can be recycled but because of the expense, more often ends up in landfill.

Longevity and Durability

However, whether you choose wooden windows, wooden kitchen cabinets or even a timber framed conservatory, you won’t need to look at recycling them any time soon, because wood is a highly durable natural material that can stand the test of time. Of course, some maintenance is needed to protect it from threats like moisture and other weather elements if sited outdoors, but on the whole, wood that’s properly treated before installation and during its lifetime can easily outlast uPVC options. It’s also less expensive to repair if accidentally damaged.

Energy Efficient

Wood is an extremely poor conductor, which means it won’t let heat out of your property as much as uPVC does. By the same token, it’s an excellent insulator, so will help keep temperatures even within your home or business. That means a reduction to your energy bills and a more comfortable environment indoors. 

There are many more reasons why wood is so good, not just for windows but for many uses around the home, such as a wooden staircase or cupboard joinery. If you live in Shropshire, the West Midlands or the Welsh Borders and would like to talk more about why wood would be a great material for your home, speak to Mark Taylor Joinery. With over 40 years’ experience in working with wood, we’re one of its greatest supporters!

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