Beautiful wooden windows for your home

Don’t settle for less than the best when installing new window frames in your property – wooden windows can offer far more advantages than their uPVC counterparts. From an elegant appearance that is hard to beat to strength, durability and longevity, wood window frames designed and installed by master craftsmen deliver an impressive return on your investment. What’s more, they also have impressive environmental credentials too.

Wooden windows in Ludlow and Shropshire

Wooden Windows

  • Sliding sash windows
  • Traditional sash windows
  • Arch Windows
  • Double glazed sash windows
  • Wood casement windows
  • Window sash replacement
  • Window Frames
  • Listed Building Windows
  • Architectural Joinery

The Many Benefits of Wooden Windows

While uPVC appears to have become the standard option across the UK when considering new windows for a refurbishment or new build project, this ignores the huge advantages that wood has to offer. Contrary to popular belief, uPVC is not a maintenance-free solution and will not last longer than well-crafted wooden frames. Properly treated and maintained wood can last throughout the lifespan of your building, while replacement of damaged uPVC units is also often more expensive than repair of wood windows.

Then, there’s the look: wood is far more attractive, being an entirely natural material. Timber window frames offer many more design options, from the type of wood you choose to a vast range of colours in terms of stains, varnishes and paints. This means your new windows can be tailored exactly to complement the age, appearance and design of your home. Environmental benefits include the fact that wood window frames come from sustainable sources; involve far less energy in their manufacture than PVC frames; and are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life, unlike uPVC.

Make an Impact with Wooden Windows

There are a host of other advantages to wooden windows too, from their superior insulating properties to the ability to incorporate authentic design features. This latter helps ensure that new wood windows installed in a period property or within a conservation area can be entirely in keeping with their surroundings. For a free design consultation and quote for wooden windows for your property, call the master craftsmen at Mark Taylor Joinery today.

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